‘Are Men Necessary?’: See the Girl With the Red Dress On

From The New York Times:

Dowd184_1 LET’S, for a moment, judge a book by its cover. One need not read Maureen Dowd’s “Are Men Necessary?” to answer the question. The retro pulp-fiction jacket features a bombshell in a clingy red dress strap-hanging under the leering gaze of her fellow subway riders, all male. The title, “Are Men Necessary?,” refers nominally to scientific speculation that the Y chromosome, which has been shedding genes over evolutionary time, may disappear entirely within the next ten million years, a hypothesis countered by newer studies showing that the Y of the human species has been stable for the past six million years. Her Cuisinart style of info processing and her embrace of popular culture invite all manner of unexpected applications, allowing, for Men example, a “Seinfeld” character to help us understand the relative simplicity of males, whose sex is determined by only one Y, as opposed to the female’s two X’s. “Maybe that ‘Seinfeld’ episode is right,” she muses, “where George Costanza tries to prove that man’s passions can all be fulfilled at the same time if he can watch a hand-held TV while ‘pleasuring’ a woman while eating a pastrami on rye with spicy mustard.”

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