Guarding the bulldog

From The London Times:

2wwchurchill Winston Churchill’s bodyguard had his share of dangerous moments. But his job gave him a unique insight into the great man’s strengths and flaws — as recently unearthed memoirs reveal. They were together, too, when the war was won. “Ah, the bloody beast is dead,” Churchill said, “elated and with much emphasis”, when he heard of Mussolini’s fate. But when told Hitler was gone, he went to a window and looked out, remaining silent for some time. Thompson asked if he thought Hitler had committed suicide. “That is the way I should have expected him to have died,” he said. “That is what I would have done under the same circumstances.” On VE Day he sent Thompson back to get his cigars before greeting the crowds. “They expect it of me,” he said, the showman to the fore. (Picture)

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