Gutenberg to the Web

PglogoCalling the site Project Gutenberg is just about right. As the internet becomes, more and more, the collection spot for the hodge podge of accumulated human civilization we might as well start putting all the old books in there too. Really, it is a fairly remarkable idea.

There has also been a fair amount of debate recently about Google’s proposal to put millions of university titles online.

The idea is to make millions of important but previously inaccessible texts available to researchers everywhere, with a few clicks of a computer mouse.

The plan has its supporters. The head of Oxford University’s library service said the project could turn out to almost as important as the invention of the printing press. . .

But from the start Google’s recent plan met opposition. . . .

Other opposition has come from France, where there are fears that the Google project will enhance the dominance of the English language and of Anglo-Saxon ways of thinking.