Baudrillard and Virilio on the EU

Noted super-special-theorists Jean Baudrillard and Paul Virilio weigh in on the EU debate. Typically, Baudrillard mumbles an immense amount of nothing and Virilio sounds slightly more cogent.

“Baudrillard views the “No” vote as a new form of confrontation proper to our own hegemonic era. “This confrontation is not a class struggle, nor an international liberation movement, but an irreducible antagonism,” he explains. “It’s a confrontation that isn’t even political anymore but metaphysical and symbolic.”

“For Virilio, the referendum attests to a shift from a democracy based upon opinions to one based upon moods. This new democracy “does not require the free choice and decisive statement of a sovereign people,” writes Virilio, “but rather passive consent, an amicable solution for a population that is exposed to all possible brainwashing by the excesses of the public opinion polls, and that reacts only by reflex to the respective choices.”

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