Mother India’s son is no more: Sunil Dutt dies in his sleep

Sunildutt90_2 Sunil Dutt, one of Bollywood’s best known faces, Union Sports Minister and five times MP, passed away in his sleep today following a heart attack. The 75-year-old, who shot to fame with his role in the classic Mother India, is survived by his actor-son Sanjay and daughters Namrata and Priya. Family sources said Dutt, who would have turned 76 on June 6, had not been well ever since he returned from Kanpur where he had a heatstroke. He did not surface this morning at 7 am as he normally did. At 11 am, his family decided to check on him. The family doctor who was called in declared him dead. 

Sunilduttdeath_2 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who flew to Mumbai, described Dutt as a ‘‘colourful and charismatic’’ personality and a celebrity in the world of cinema who touched the hearts of millions with his purposeful and socially relevant roles in films. ‘‘Deeply influenced by our ethos and traditions, he brought to bear on his thinking and outlook the liberal, secular and Gandhian values of our society,’’ Singh said.

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