Cure For Common Cold Will Need To Wiggle To Work

From Science Daily:

Cold Using computer simulations, a team of scientists led by Carol B. Post has found the likely reason why a WIN compound – a prototype drug for curing colds – is showing so much promise. The flexible molecule’s structure may allow it to shimmy inside the proteins that form the virus’ outer shell and alter them to the point where they cannot complete the infection process. An animated video of the computer simulation illustrates some of the results the team describes in its research paper, which appears in Tuesday’s (May 24) issue of the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“Flexibility appears to be an important characteristic for a drug to possess if it is to be successful at neutralizing rhinoviruses, which often cause the common cold,” said Post, who is a professor both of medicinal chemistry in Purdue’s College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences and of biological sciences in the College of Science.

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