The Examined Life: The Z-Team

Joshua Glenn in The Boston Globe:Fallon_1

TWO WEEKS AGO, in an item about the New York Press’s roster of the “50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers,” I asked readers to nominate Bostonians for a list of our own. The Top 10 “most loathsome” Bostonians, according to readers, are – in descending order – Mitt Romney (“Fake Bostonian”), Ben Affleck (“No-talent actor mooching off his Boston roots”), Cardinal Bernard Law (in absentia), Tom Finneran, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Tom Menino, WRKO’s Howie Carr, Big Dig overseer Matthew J. Amorello, and WTKK’s Mike Barnicle. These worthies are followed closely by WEEI’s Gerry Callahan; Johnny Damon (as author, not athlete); William Bulger (whose brother Whitey tied for 50th place with Jay Leno and “Fever Pitch” star Jimmy Fallon – “Take off the Sox gear you phony”); Curt Schilling (“It’s like the entire city of Boston can’t make a decision until they get Schilling’s input”); and, tied for 15th place, a lineup of grating furniture-store spokespersons: Bob of Bob’s Discount Furniture, Eliot and Barry of Jordan’s, and Bernie and Phyl of Bernie & Phyl’s (“GO AWAY”).

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