Turtles All The Way Down

The anonymous 3QD reader who wrote “I love you and would like your hand(s) in marriage” as a response in our reader survey, has outed herself: it is Nell Grey of Pigeon Post Pictures. Nell Grey and Walker Errant are making what seems a fascinating documentary film called Turtles All The Way Down. From their website:

MeetthefilmmakersOne year ago, we met Richard Ogust, a writer sharing his Manhattan penthouse with 1200 threatened and endangered turtles and tortoises. He was in the middle of a swarm of media attention. CNN, CBS, NBC, the Discovery Channel and others around the world were all shining their spotlights on “the crazy turtle guy of New York City.” But after the reporters left, the articles had been published and the programs had aired, Richard explained to us that the real story hadn’t been told.

Turtles All The Way Down tells a story not about eccentricity, but about devotion. It is a story inspired by an appalling but little known fact: that we are on the brink of losing a group of animals that have survived the ecological instability of the last 200 million years, including the great extinction that eliminated the dinosaurs.

More on the film here.  And Nell, if I weren’t happily married, I would certainly have accepted your proposal.