From different perspectives

Samina Wahid Perozani writes in The Dawn:

Dawn The brainchild of the Alliance of Independent Publishers and the Charles Mayer Leopold Foundation, this series of four books has brought together diverse scholars from five regions (Africa, America, the Arab world, China and Europe) of the world in one forum. Each of the four volumes is a compilation of essays about a particular universal concept – writers delve further into their meanings and minute details, explaining and analyzing them with the help of distinct socio-cultural and historical contexts. Edited by Nadia Tazi, this series is divided into Truth, Gender, Identity and Experience, concepts, which, according to many a literati, are the key to understanding the prevailing human condition. These four volumes boast of some brilliantly crafted essays, penned by writers with a variety of different academic backgrounds (sociology, anthropology and philosophy, to name a few).

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