Coming of age – the world from teenagers point of view

09girl1841_1 The New York Times started a series of articles which “examine the challenges and aspirations of young people in countries around the world”, and portrays profiles of the next generation of adults. Tim Weiner writes on Mexican youth:

“ALICIA ÁLVAREZ lives two miles from the American border and light-years from the American dream.

Growing up in Mexicali has made her a realist at 15. She has no taste for romances and soap operas. Harry Potter stories and a horror movie at the mall are as far away as fictions take her from her city’s heat and dust.”

and Richard Bernstein writes about (former East) German teenagers:

“ANNA RAUWALD, Marleen Merk and Sarah Liepert, 15-year-old girls from this small town in the former East Germany, are almost exactly the same age as the newly reunited Germany.

Born just after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and a few months before Communist East Germany formally ceased to exist, they are the first generation to grow up in the former East without any experience of either the Nazi or the Communist past. “