Body Worlds, The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies

The Body Worlds exhibition attracts a lot of attention and controvesy, made up as it is of real plastinated human corpses.Corpse_1_1

“In 1977, Gunther von Hagens invented the plastination technique which marked the beginning of a second anatomical revolution. Andreas Vesalius who created precise anatomical drawings as early as in 1543 was the pioneer of modern anatomy. Since then human corpses have slowly disappeared again from the human eye with the establishment of medical schools. A taboo emerged.

Gunther von Hagens’ plastinated bodies obviously touch upon this taboo and trigger controversial reactions throughout the world. The high number of visitors, however, proves the general population’s need to learn more about the structure and functions of their bodies.

Since the first exhibition in Mannheim in 1997 more than 15 million people have viewed the interior of the human body. The BODY WORLDS is hence the most successful touring exhibition world-wide.”

You can donate your body to the project if you want to, as 300 deceased and 6000 living people have done.

(Thanks to Elke Zuern for pointing out the exhibition.)