The Pundits Say Hillary Won, The People Say Bernie Won — WTF Is Going On Here? (And Why Bernie Scares The Establishment Into Pooping Themselves)

by Evert Cilliers aka Adam Ash

SandersclintondebateThere is something about Bernie Sanders that scares our establishment shitless. Their knickers are in a horrible twist, their sphincters clench in immense nervousness, and their gonads scuttle back into their bodies, at the very idea of Bernie Sanders.

Let us explore this bizarro fact of political life in these United States.

What's really ass-backwards odd about our establishment punditry, is that they've finally started accepting the fact that Donald Trump is leading the GOP presidential field (took them a while).

But when it comes to Bernie Sanders beating Hillary in recent polls in important states, and in the debate last week, not so much.

Just look at the pundit response to the debate. To a man and a woman, they think Hillary won. Every columnist in every major newspaper wrote that Hillary won. I couldn't believe it when I read them the next day. Were they watching the debate through their eyes or their butts?

Because everybody else thought Bernie won. Overwhelmingly. Check the chart for the numbers.


I watched the debate in a bar with a bunch of other folks, and it was clear to me and to them that Bernie won. He landed punch after punch, bang! bang! kerplatch! pashkaboom! and we cheered him far more than we cheered Hillary.

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