I Have A Dream: Obama’s Second Term

by Evert Cilliers aka Adam Ash

Obama_cool_ap_imgFirst thing, a raft of Guantanamo cases are brought in civil courts. The prisoners who aren't in court, are in a plane on their way to Iraq or Afghanistan. Guantanamo prison turns into a tourist attraction, with luxury hotels, gambling, and highly-educated Marxist prostitutes from Cuba.

Next thing, Bradley Manning is pardoned. He leaves his cell, becomes a hero on the progressive circuit, and breaks up Barney Frank's marriage.

The Glass-Stegall Act is brought back and reinstated. The big banks all break in two, between commercial and investment banks. Their lamentations fall on deaf ears.

After a few Wall Street big wigs are prosecuted for fraud, finance capitalism finds itself hogtied by a weird wave of ethical behavior.

Following the example of North Dakota, all the states start their own banks. They withdraw all the money they have in Wall Street and pour it into their state banks.

Wall Street shrinks. There is a tax on all financial transactions. Many firms go bankrupt or close up for business. They just don't have as much money to play with as before. High-end prostitutes flee Wall Street for Qatar.

All companies registered in America have to declare their profits and losses as single entities. They are not allowed to have branches for tax purposes in other places, like the Cayman Islands. Therapists do a thriving business in tax lawyers when all tax loopholes are closed. For the first time in years, General Electric and Goldman Sachs pay actual taxes — at an actual rate of 30% plus. Their lamentations fall on deaf ears.

The Bush tax cuts are gone. All of us pay more taxes. But millionaires pay the most: a 50% rate. There is a one-time wealth tax of 15% on all holdings of the superrich, which wipes out our deficit in one mighty swoop.

The country has a surplus again, like it did under Clinton. The GOP goes into a megasulk.

Marijuana is legalized, and the economy of California makes a startling recovery.

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