Give The Pentagon Budget To The People: A Wish That One Day Will Be Fulfilled

by Evert Cilliers aka Adam Ash

ImagesEvery now and then I think of something crazy.

Like why don't we taxpayers sue Walmart for the $6.2 billion we have to supply to their workers in foodstamps and other help because Walmart doesn't pay its employees enough to live on?

Or why doesn't Obama, instead of paying out unemployment insurance, use that money to give to the unemployed some well-paid government jobs — to say, fix our crumbling infrastructure (bridges, roads, energy grid, etc.) or install solar panels on all our buildings to make us less dependent on oil?

Or why don't we as a country get rid of student debt by simply writing it off? And then find the money for free college education for everyone who want to go to college.

Where would we find that money to pay for free college for all Americans?

Well, by means of my latest foray into wish-fulfillment thinking: why don't we take the entire Pentagon budget that gets spent on new weaponry and divert it to pay for college educations for everyone or for free pre-K education to kids or something equally worthwhile?

Or why don't we reduce the entire Pentagon budget by 80% and use that money for socially useful purposes?

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