Governor Christie Is A Big Fat Liar

by Evert Cilliers aka Adam Ash

UnknownSo New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held a marathon 2-hour press conference about the Washington Bridge 4-lane-shutdown traffic jam scandal.

He was properly remorseful, and apologized to everyone. He took responsibility. And he said his aides lied to him.

Well, I believe he is lying to us.

Listen up. It's a historical fact that he's vindictive and punishes his enemies. So what happened at the Washington Bridge is how he rolls. It's part of an established pattern.

But here's the main fact why I believe he is lying.

We know his gang of cronies organized the bridge disaster. A whole bunch of them. Five of them so far are implicated. And it went on for days. Afterwards, rumors about what had happened flew around for months.

Are we to believe for one second that, during all this time, not a single one of his cronies ever told him what was going on, or that his cronies never shared a chuckle with him about how they were screwing with the democratic Mayor because that “little Serbian” had withheld his endorsement from Christie? Wouldn't he be the first one they tell?

Give me a break. The lane closings go on for four days. The whole thing becomes a months-long scandal. A whole cadre of his underlings are in on it. Christie even cracks a joke about it. And he knew nothing about it? Come on. Most probably the whole plan originated with him, or in discussions with him and his inner circle.

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