Wednesday Poem

Intensive Sense

In the PICU . . .
I see bright lights,
But there is no sun,
And almost a loss of time.
I hear machines alarming,
Lives are not always saved.
I feel pain, intense at moments,
But I also feel the hurt of anxiety,
And neither anguish is good for the spirit.
I will leave the PICU, again.
I will see the sun,
Rising into new days,
But I know it must set, too soon.
I will hear music sounding,
Ringing from so many instruments,
But most of it will be memories of my Heartsongs.
I will feel my spirit rejuvenated,
And I will be filled with hope again.
But, I will feel a sad sense of loss
For the children
Who will be Still
With the anguished sounding loss of time . . .
In the PICU.

by Mattie J.T. Stepanek
Journey Through Heartsongs
VSP Books, 2001

PICU- Pediatric Intensive Care Unit