How Palantir Is Shaping the Future of Warfare

Bruno Maçães in Time:

Palantir’s founding team, led by investor Peter Thiel and Alex Karp, wanted to create a company capable of using new data integration and data analytics technology — some of it developed to fight online payments fraud — to solve problems of law enforcement, national security, military tactics, and warfare. They called it Palantir, after the magical stones in The Lord of the Rings. Palantir, founded in 2003, developed its tools fighting terrorism after September 11, and has done extensive work for government agencies and corporations though much of its work is secret. It went public in 2020. But through its 20 years in business, the question has been just how capable are its systems and what could it achieve on a large scale conflict. Can it deliver in a war between large armies and with greater firepower?

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