Wednesday Poem

A man who lives never asks what is living
and he has no theories about living. It is only
the half-alive who talk about the purpose of life.
…………………………………… —Krishnamurti

A man who never questions the how and
why of life has cleaved off an essential part
of his being —living and its meaning are
not contradictory. ..………. —Roshi Bob

To go Beyond and Discover

We all talk of God: In every religion,
in every church and temple that
word is used, but always
in the image of the

It is only the very, very few
who leave all the churches,
the temples, the books,
who go beyond and

If I really want to find out
what is on the top of the mountain
and beyond, I must go to it.

It is no good my sitting here speculating,
building temples, churches, and
getting excited about them.

What I have to do is to
stand up,
get there,
and find out;
but as most of us are
unwilling to do that,
we are satisfied to sit here
and speculate about something
that we do not know.

And I say such speculation
is a hindrance, it is a
deterioration of the mind,
it has no value at all; it only
brings more confusion,
more sorrow to man.

by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Poetic Outlaws