7 ways teachers can use Chat Gpt in the classroom!

From History4Humans:

I got to admit, when I pictured the robots 🤖 coming, I didn’t think they’d be here to do our students’ homework and write their essays, but that day has arrived! Many schools and districts around the country have already put the site behind a firewall but trust me, the cat is out of the bag and its not going back in!  I do not think that is the right call and I think we must get ahead of this instead of trying to ineffectually sweep it under the rug. So, I wanted to write a little article about how teachers can use Chat GPT in the classroom. So, if you don’t know, CHATGPT is an AI software (currently free to use though that might change soon) that can do a ton of writing tasks when given commands. Students can use chatgpt to ask questions and receive answers or to generate entire written assignments based on any prompt.

I actually just had it write out a screen play for President Washington meeting with his cabinet to discuss the constitutionality of the Bank except it was a Seinfeld episode and it was pretty funny while still having Jefferson opposed to the Bank, Washington neutral at first, and Hamilton in support. (Jefferson, as Kramer wanted to use a cardboard box with some gold coins instead of a national bank 🤣).

But seriously, this has many teachers (and tons of other professions) freaking out.

Is it the end of homework? The takehome essay? Critical thinking?


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