Why I Am Not (As Much Of) An AI Doomer (As Some People)

Scott Alexander in Astral Codex Ten:

The average online debate about AI pits someone who thinks the risk is zero, versus someone who thinks it’s any other number. I agree these are the most important debates to have for now.

But within the community of concerned people, numbers vary all over the place:

    • Scott Aaronson says says 2%
    • Will MacAskill says 3%
    • The median machine learning researcher on Katja Grace’s survey says 5 – 10%
    • Paul Christiano says 10 – 20%
    • The average person working in AI alignment thinks about 30%
    • Top competitive forecaster Eli Lifland says 35%
    • Holden Karnofsky, on a somewhat related question, gives 50%
    • Eliezer Yudkowsky seems to think >90%
    • As written this makes it look like everyone except Eliezer is <=50%, which isn’t true; I’m just having trouble thinking of other doomers who are both famous enough that you would have heard of them, and have publicly given a specific number.

I go back and forth more than I can really justify, but if you force me to give an estimate it’s probably around 33%; I think it’s very plausible that we die, but more likely that we survive (at least for a little while). Here’s my argument, and some reasons other people are more pessimistic.

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