Sunday Poem

Ode to H2O

three atoms, covalently bonded
a simple elixir to keep bodies
nourished; one which allows
cells, tissues, organs to regulate
body temperature as well as cook
pasta, boil meat, or even bubble
a human in the form of a bath or
jacuzzi; and sure, in frozen form
a cube to plop into a strawberry
soda or add to a cocktail

a liquid that can be swum in for
exercise, added to a sponge to
clean a mess, or even used to dip
an infant
to absolve original sin

a fluid that one can use to refresh
first thing in the morning
a cold slap against epidermis
or watch
leak from the sky, or pelt tired
rooves, and smear against windshields

this planet—mostly water
our bodies—too

the system is a closed one:
the amount of water on earth
never changes
the same drops we use
hydrated Shakespeare,
scrubbed Cleopatra, diluted
the blood that oozed from
Christ’s crown of thorns

evaporation, condensation,
precipitation—a holy trinity

the water molecule—a god
living around us, within us

by Mathieu Cailler
the Ecotheo Review