Black History Month is, uh, not off to a great start

Karen Attiah in The Washington Post:

I know, I know. The value of Black history can’t be contained in only a month. And one can’t define whether a month is “good” or “bad” based on what is happening in the news cycle.

But sheesh, just three days in, this month is already chock full of anti-Blackness. Last week, the horrific video of Tyre Nichols’s arrest surfaced, sparking endless conversations about police brutality and Black death. On Wednesday, the first official day of Black History Month, Nichols’s funeral was televised nationally. For my column this week, I wrote about my increasing discomfort about putting Black murder and funerals on display. (More on that below.)

Also on the first day of Black History Month, a controversy over the subject of Black history itself was again making headlines.

More here. (Note: Throughout February, at least one post will be dedicated to Black History Month. The theme for 2023 is Black Resistance. Please send us anything you think is relevant for inclusion)