Saturday Poem

Listening to the Harvest

Harvest sounds hearty, sounds sure of itself — sounds like
the record, sounds like “Heart of Gold,” but even then, Neil
sings that it’s the searching for the heart of gold, and the
more I harvest the more I realize I am searching, it is work: it is
being harvested by insects, poked by thorny leaves,
discerning the green of a bean from the green of a leaf,
determining the shine on the skin of a jeweled eggplant—
it’s finding everything in its exact time, plucking it from this
into that; playing god, obeying God; in service of the harvest,
on my knees, leaning into the garden, really prostrate before
the growth, in adoration of the land — I learn to reap
without violence; listen without taking; I yield in more and
more colors. Eat with the salt of each season.

by Lauren Turner
from The Ecotheo Review

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