Loretta Lynn Knew the Truth About No-Good Men and the No-Good World

Hanif Abdurraqib at The New York Times:

Loretta Lynn performs on stage in California in 1972.

I found her to be one of the great romanticists because she was so committed to the rigors of loving herself that she suffered no one. She’d be quick to tell you what you weren’t gonna do on her watch. She slid seamlessly into the canon of women I listened to growing up, women whom I could easily map onto the women I loved and held close. Loretta Lynn also understood work, but she did not bow to it, or praise it in the name of capital. It was what it was. When she was still touring, aggressively, and got asked about how she maintained the stamina to do it at her age, she’d shrug and say: “I work. I get on my bus and I ride my bus to the next date. And then I get back on the bus after the show and ride to the next date. Simple as that.”

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