How Hate5six Captures the Hardcore Universe

Adlan Jackson at The New Yorker:

At the end of 2021, I went to see the hardcore-punk act Show Me the Body at Warsaw, a music venue that operates out of an old Polish community center in Brooklyn. As the band set up, I devoured a pierogi and scanned the recesses of the stage for a certain lanky figure staring at a camera viewfinder through curtains of black hair. The lights dimmed in the hall, which looked more suited to a high-school prom than a concert, and the mosh pit opened. Suddenly, he appeared behind the band: the thirty-six-year-old Sunny Singh, an archivist and videographer of hardcore, whose presence at a show has come to be a little mythical, an omen that you’re in the right place for the night.

Singh is the creator of hate5six, an extensive video library of punk and hardcore shows, mostly from cities across the Northeast. Singh is bafflingly prolific, often uploading videos from different cities in a twenty-four-hour period.

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