Liz Cheney vs Donald Trump: Why it’s not over yet

Katty Kay in BBC News:

Donald Trump says Republican voters sent Liz Cheney to “political oblivion” with her crushing election defeat at the hands of a candidate he endorsed. But not so fast – here’s how one of the former president’s biggest critics could still hurt him if he runs for re-election.

Martin Kimmet is a gentle man. He loves his pretty cows, reliable horses and beautiful state, in roughly that order. I joined him cattle wrangling in Wyoming recently to talk politics. His cows had escaped and he needed help to get them back, I was the only person on horseback at the time. No wasn’t an option. Now, I can ride, but I’m no wrangler. Fortunately, Martin couldn’t have been kinder. He was a gracious guide – to cattle, and conservatives. So I was a little taken aback by the vehemence of his email celebrating congresswoman Cheney’s defeat to a Trump-backed candidate in her primary race on Tuesday. “We are ready to play hardball and we will win,” he wrote, adding “God bless us and guide us.” Martin believes the result shows that conservatives in Wyoming aren’t going to be “bullied by the elite any longer.”

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