How did Brexit do so much damage in so short a time?

Jonathan Lis in Prospect:

T4MRKE 28th February 2018 – Michelle Mary O’Neill is an Irish politician who has served as Vice President of Sinn FA©in since February 2018, and Leader of S

We don’t even have to cast our minds back to the EU referendum. Imagine for a moment that a vote was being proposed today. In the wake of the pandemic, in the middle of a cost of living crisis, and during a war in Europe that demands unity and solidarity across the continent—how would the British public respond to a political party that proposed Brexit? The idea of splitting the UK from its European neighbours would be seen as indulgent or preposterous—self-evidently absurd.

But of course the case against Brexit does not need to rely on counterfactuals. We can look at the real world, in which the project is failing on every discernible level.

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