Dear Porch: Everybody Wants Some!! & The Green Ray

Morgan Meis in The Porch Magazine:

I’m not gonna say that Everybody Wants Some!!, the film by Richard Linklater, is a great movie. It is not. But it’s pretty good. We should also just appreciate a film that has not one but two!! exclamation marks in its official title. And yet, something nags at me about the title, that sentence, everybody wants some. What is it that everybody wants? Some. Some what? Well sex, of course, everbody wants some sex. And most of the people in the film are chasing after sex, especially the jocks on the baseball team, our ostensive heroes, the protagonists of the film if there are any protagonists in this film. They want to have as much sex as possible, those baseball jocks, and a few of them get just that. They also want something to do with baseball. They want to become baseball players of a professional sort. They want some fame, some glory, the glory of sport. Probably they want some money also, the money that goes along with the glory and that overlaps to at least some degree with the sex. Sex, glory, and money. That is what they want some of.

One amazing thing that Linklater achieves in the film, to my mind, dearest Porch, I don’t know if you had the same experience with the film, but I’ve noticed that many reviewers of the film say something along these same lines, they say that you can’t really dislike these jocks. It is a funny point but one I’d have to agree with.

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