Monday Poem

…..“Time was so huge then.
…… It could not fail.”
…….. —from a poem by Nils Peterson

When Time Was Huge

that’s the exquisite difference between then and now—
the space in time, the beautiful duration of it, its roominess;

its amplitude was great enough to contain many dreams,
multitudes —today time is crimped in cramps of years
months   weeks   days   hours   minutes,

but then we played through spans of eons —arms widespread,
palms unclenched, the distance from fingers tip to tip
left to right being light years —  so, we crammed
light years with beginnings

while ends haunted the old we marked
nothing in futures or pasts

straddling imaginary mounts, we rode
only through now’s expanse and savored
it’s instant eternity which sustenance
has lasted a lifetime, whose taste has
lingered sweet

Jim Culleny