The First Cell: Jump-starting the global cancer revolution

John Hewitt in Medical Xpress:

“The First Cell” is the title of a revolutionary book written in 2019 by oncologist Azra Raza from the Columbia University Medical Center. In it, she calls for a radical shift in cancer funding away from its current predominant focus on late stage treatments, and towards early detection of what she calls “the first cells.”

Shortly thereafter, a group of noted dignitaries in the field collectively called The Oncology Think Tank convened to begin hashing out this new imperative, and then bring it to fruition. In the popular magazine Scientific American, the group recently published their vision for a future when no  will be detected too late to treat. The logical entry point into this path begins with the most important resource now available—extant cancer survivors.

I recently spoke with Azra about her plans to establish The First Cell Center for Cancer Survivors (FICCCS), and asked her to provide a summary for us of how it might work.

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