Tuesday Poem

What is my life worth? At the end (I don’t know what end)
One person says: I earned three hundred contos,
Another: I enjoyed three thousand days of glory,
Another: I was at ease with my conscience and that is enough…
And I, if they come and ask me what I have done,
Will say: I looked at things, nothing more.
And that is why I have the Universe here in my pocket.
And f God asks me: And what did you see in those things?
I will answer: Only things … You yourself added nothing else.
And God, who despite all is clever, will make me a new kind of
………. saint.

by Fernando Pessoa
The Complete Works of Alberto Caeiro
New Directions Paperbook, 2020
translated from the Portuguese by
Margaret Jull Costa and Patricio Ferrari

Conto: a former money of account in Portugal and Brazil