Thursday Poem

A Mysterious Love

I have borne the anguish love, which ask me not to describe:
I have tasted the poison of absence, which ask me not to relate.

Far through the world have I roved, and at length I have chosen
A sweet creature (a ravisher of hearts), whose name ask me not to disclose.

The flowing of my tears bedews her footsteps
In such a manner as ask me not to utter.

On yesternight from her own mouth with my own ears I heard
Such words as pray ask me not to repeat.

Why dost thou bite thy lip at me? What dost thou not hint
I have devoured a lip like a ruby: but whose, ask me not to mention.

Absent from thee, and the sole tenant of my cottage,
I have endured such tortures, as ask me not to enumerate.

Thus am I, HAFIZ, arrived at extremity in the ways of Love,
Which, alas! ask me not to explain.

by Hafez (c. 1325-1389)
translated by John Hindley