Three cheers for Akim Reinhardt and Happy New Year!

Me and Akim in Baltimore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the most reliable writer of all in the history of 3QD: Akim Reinhardt. Starting at the end of 2010, Akim has written his excellent column at 3QD every fourth week for just over ten years now. He has never, ever missed a single deadline in this whole time. Not once. You can check the archives yourself if you wish. During this time he also wrote a serial book at 3QD which you can read here if you like. This is no easy feat and no other writer at 3QD comes even close to this record of incredibly durable consistency.

For his brilliance, his wit, his originality, his humor, his erudition, his superhuman dependability, and most of all his friendship, I am extremely grateful to Akim.

Thank you, Akim!

Akim begins his second decade writing for 3QD today with his 146th (!) essay “All Democrats are Happy Trump Lost, But Some Don’t Want to See Him Leave“. While the world has changed much in the past year, it is good to know that some things will stay the same as we enter 2021. Speaking of things staying the same, if you would like to help keep 3QD going, please become a supporter by clicking here now.

Please also join me in giving Akim a round of applause and, from all of us at 3QD, best wishes for a happy and healthy new year to everyone!

Yours, Abbas