Wednesday Poem

Flee fro the pres, and duelle with sothfastnesse;
Suffyce unto thy good, though hit be small…
…………. Chaucer, ‘Balade de bon conseyl’

A Standing Ground

However just and anxious I have been
I will stop and step back
from the crowd of those who may agree
with what I say, and be apart.
There is no earthly promise of life or peace
but where the roots branch and weave
their patient silent passages in the dark;
uprooted, I have been furious without an aim.
I am not bound for any public place,
but for ground of my own
where I have planted vines and orchard trees,
and in the heat of the day climbed up
into the healing shadow of the woods.
Better than any argument is to rise at dawn
and pick dew-wet berries in a cup.

by Wendell Berry
Farming a Handbook