Tuesday Poem


I am linear man
reading from left to right
Guttenberg is still salient for me
in my diminished, low-tech world
I’m an old school guy
a chimera, an iconoclast, a reader, a writer,
a dying breed who prefers paper books
I am all these things
structured from dawn to dusk
stoic, and non-Epicurean
unless you consider the fact
that I use drugs
it’s not easy being straight
reading from left to right
writing from left to right
or thinking like western man
I prefer the cultures of the east
they fascinate me
and they read from right to left
and write from right to left
that’s fine with me
perchance I’ll go
from within and without
that’s very ascetic of me
I’ll lose my old religion
yet, how can I lose
what’s never been found?
that’s the conundrum

by Richard Joseph Cronborg
copyright, 2020 used with author’s permission