Noam Chomsky: “Why Is The World At A Precipice? How To Deal With It?”

Noam Chomsky at the website of the Eqbal Ahmad Center for Public Education:

We are living in a remarkable moment, in fact a moment unique in human history. It is a moment of confluence of severe crises, at least four, which threaten the survival of organized human life on earth, not in the distant future.

The least ominous of the four is the ongoing pandemic. It is having a severe toll, though not everywhere. Governments with some concern for their populations have managed to keep it under control. Others have not. The worst is the most powerful state in the world, with extraordinary advantages, but suffering under leadership of unusual malevolence: the United States. The most successful are the countries of Asia and Oceania. It is important to understand how this happened if we hope to escape the next and probably worse pandemic, and also to understand – and to extirpate – the roots of today’s disaster.

Right now scientists are issuing warning quite similar to those of 2003, after the SARS epidemic was contained. Again, they are spelling out what must be done to contain the likely coming pandemic. But it is not enough to have knowledge; someone must act on it.

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