Tuesday Poem

Inspired by Frank Relle’s “Amano,” Jack Bedell
composed his ekphrastic poem of the same name.


Even what’s left of this broken cypress tree
hasn’t given up reaching for the sky.

Busted dead center, and toppled over
into the lake, its branches still climb

toward the stars bursting over this swamp.
The sun has surrendered its sky, glowing

just under the horizon line, the lake’s surface
stilled to exhaustion absent any breeze.

Even herons have tucked in for the night.
This old tree, though, standing tip-toed

on its roots, just won’t cede to the pull
of water, the notion that all things

must go to ground patiently. As long
as there is light somewhere, it’s worth the reach.

by Jack Bedell
from The Ecotheo Review