Henry Moore’s Art has Never Looked Better

Martin Gayford at The Spectator:

It seemed that Moore needed to start with natural forms, but then move away from them. You don’t really need to know that ‘Arch’ or ‘Three Piece Sculpture’ were inspired by bones in order to enjoy them. What’s important is that, as he said, the sculpture has ‘a force, a strength, a life, a vitality from inside’. And these really do.

It helps that the final results are so much bigger than the source. When small Moores are put side by side with the objects that inspired them — a flint stone with a convoluted shape and an elephant skull — a curious thing happens. The pieces of art are upstaged by the model. The elephant skull, especially, is an amazing item that would also fascinate Damien Hirst. And in general the displays inside are not so strong. The array of medium-sized pieces in the Georgian Marble Hall is overshadowed by its magnificent surroundings, crammed with busts and classical antiquities.

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