With Trump Being Putin’s Puppet, And Most GOP Leaders Being Trump’s Puppets, Putin Now Owns The GOP

 by Evert Cilliers

So our pussy-grabbing porn-star-banging supplier-stiffing majority-vote-losing Mexican-Muslim-hating Charlottesville-excusing family-separating racist Liar-in-Chief goes to Europe and trash-talks our allies. 

But when he summits with Vlad the Journalist Killer (50 dead so far), Trump goes softer than a marshmallow on a stick over an open fire.

A weak bully.

Trump’s up-sucking to Putin was best summed up in the former CIA Director John Brennan’s tweet:

“Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors. It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???”

Where indeed? 

And Trump’s walk-backs were a joke. 

He says he meant to say “wouldn’t” instead of “would.” 

That must’ve been his sixth lie of the day (he averages around six a day in public; who knows how many lies he tells in private). 

And when he replied “no” to the question whether he thinks Russian election meddling is still happening, his press lady said he said “no” to answering any more questions, when he in fact answered many more questions, and said “no” to that question twice because the reporter asked him that question twice.

What are we to make of all this?

Here’s my simple three-point explainer of the whole post-surrender-treason-summit truth.

1. What Does Putin Have On Trump?

It’s not the pee tape, though Putin does have that, but putting it out would make no difference to the pussy-grabbing porn-star-bonker (unless maybe it shows those prostitutes peeing on Trump himself).

Does Putin have something he’s blackmailing Trump with? Something criminal? Probably. But that’s no matter, really.

Because here’s what’s for sure the absolute truth, folks. Remember what Deep Throat said: “Follow the money.”

When Trump couldn’t borrow money anywhere else to stay solvent, he got money from Russian oligarchs. Recall what son Eric Trump Jr once said: “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

Trump is up to his eyeballs in debt to rich Russians. All Putin has to do to ruin Trump is to tell his oligarch pals to take back their money from Trump, and Trump will be totally screwed. The Donald is in hock to the rich Russkis, and the rich Russkis do what Putin tells them on pain of death, so Putin has Trump’s nads in his pocket, because Trump’s wealth depends on Putin’s say-so.

It’s that simple, folks. Forget about the pee tape, forget about blackmail, forget about kompromat, just understand that the self-acknowledged “king of debt” is in debt to Putin’s pals (perhaps that’s why Trump hides his tax returns: they show his big creditors are Russians).

Putin could render our pussy-grabbing porn-star-banging supplier-stiffing majority-vote-losing Mexican-Muslim-hating Charlottesville-excusing family-separating Putin puppet Russian asset Siberian candidate racist Liar-in-Chief bankrupt overnight. 

Trump has no choice but to brown-nose Putin.

2. Why Don’t The GOP Leaders Dump Trump When He Crosses The Line? 

Because Trump’s base loves him.

At this time, I would like to quote my favorite political commentator, The Rude Pundit, about the weak bully’s performance at the Helsinki press conference:

“Republicans have put out mighty statements of outrage, but until GOP senators say, ‘No more judges, nothing, until we can figure out, as the man himself said, what the hell is going on?’ and GOP representatives say, ‘Yeah, this sucks. Time to get impeachy,’ then all their words are bull.

“As was once explained to me by a Republican consultant, one big reason that the GOP won’t cross Trump is that they get pummeled with not just angry emails from his hordes, but death threats and rape threats, along with doxing of them.”

Plus, let’s face it, it’s not as if Trump is some kind of crazy outlier. As noted by a NY Times reader John M from Oakland:

“Donald Trump is a true Republican, who merely says out loud what other Republicans merely whispered, or implied. From Nixon’s Southern Strategy and Reagan’s ‘Welfare Queens’ to Lee Atwater’s famous dog whistle observation, the modern Republican Party has always been a party of racism and bigotry.

“Donald Trump has merely ripped away the mask to show the true evil of the Republican Party’s soul.”

So why would the GOP leaders turn against their leader? Especially when his base follows him with lemmings-like devotion?

So even when Trump sides with Putin against our entire intelligence establishment, the GOP leaders have no choice but to play at being Trump’s puppets. Along with the Koch brothers, the Mercers, the Adelsons and the Uihleins. To one degree or another, all are now puppets to Putin, as long as they get their tax cuts out of it.

Now you might think that’s a very, very bad thing. But I think it’s wonderful.

3. Trump Is The Death Of The GOP

Trump is ruining America’s standing and reputation in the world, he’s hurting our farmers and workers with his trade war, he’s inspiring white nationalism, he’s making us more racist than we already are, he makes nice with Putin, Erdogan and Duerte and makes nasty with our allies in Europe and Canada and Mexico, he rips kids from their parents seeking asylum, but what the GOP leaders don’t realize is this:

He’s ruining your party, dudes. 

Just watch what happens this November. The Dems will take the House, maybe even the Senate. That will render the GOP agenda useless. Plus, now the Dems can launch every imaginable investigation into Trump’s multifarious misdeeds.

Which will madden our Putin puppet Liar-in-Chief so much, he’ll get even crazier than he already has. 

How crazy? 

Well, cast your mind back over the past two years. Just when you thought Trump has run out of crazy things to say or do, and he has finally crossed the line, he comes up with something new. 

Could you possibly have foreseen kids being ripped from their asylum-seeking parents? (BTW, in their effort to reunite the torn-asunder families, an HHS official admitted on the witness stand that they don’t know who the parents of 71 kids are.)

Let’s face it, the orange dude never fails to deliver.

As commentator Benjamin Wittes put it impeccably: Trump is “malevolence tempered by incompetence.”

Forget about pussy-grabbing and porn-star-banging and supplier-stiffing and Muslim-banning and NFL-baiting and Charlottesville-excusing and tearing little kids from their parents and the Helsinki surrender treason summit press conference. 

That’s all just for starters, my friends. We’ve got two more years and-a-bit left of Trump, and with Robert Mueller breathing down his neck, and the Dems launching nasty investigations into all things Trump, our Putin puppet Liar-in-Chief is going to go bonkers psycho paranoid volcanic de luxe extremis all the way up to and past eleven.

Trump will have two more years and-a-bit of wild and crazy tweeting and horrendously insane lying in front of him to disgrace not only himself, but his party, his country, his family, and — what matters most to him — his brand.

Trump is going to dig himself a hole so deep, his tiny hands will never be able to pull his big butt out of it.

He will go down to a thundering defeat in 2020, together with the entire GOP — a calamity from which they will never recover. 

4. The Dilemma Facing The GOP Leaders

Can you imagine the dilemma facing GOP leaders in 2020? If they distance themselves from Trump, his base will torch them. But if they don’t, the Dems will scorch them.

The GOP leaders will be stuck between the rock of Trump’s base and the hard place of the Dems, losing bigly whichever way they go.

This is your choice, GOP leaders. You either distance yourself from Trump — and you might have a chance of surviving his presidency.

Or you keep playing your puppet game with Trump — and you will reap the whirlwind.

If you choose your party, you might have half a chance your party survives.

Not that your party has much of a chance anyway. 

Our up-and-coming young voters are mostly Dems. The GOP voters are older white dudes who will be dead in 20 years time. Plus, the Latinos are our fastest-growing population group, and the Republicans will never get them on their side ever again.

 So maybe, my dear Republicans, your choice is this:

Go down covered in crap with Trump. Or go down covered in a semblance of dignity with your party.

Let’s face it, folks. Come voting time in 2020, the GOP will be toast. Ashes. Done. Deader than that parrot in the Monte Python sketch.


I would like to quote an answer to conservative NY Times columnist David Brooks, who tried to give advice to Dems recently:

Bill Abbott of Oakland California writes:


You write, ‘We post-Cold War Americans haven’t really settled on what story we are a part of.’

“Really? I’m pretty clear what story I’m part of. Objective truth exists and is important. We are measured by how we treat the least among us. Science works because it is based on reality. Hope can overcome fear. Do unto others as we wish to be done to ourselves. The challenges we face mean we have no-one to waste, yet too many people are poor, marginalized and left behind.  Women’s rights are human rights. Black lives matter. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Love wins. We don’t educate our neighbor’s children because of charity, we educate them because we will have to live with them. We are not perfect, we have never been perfect, but we can always get better. That’s my story. That’s the story of my country, and of humans in general.”

Brilliant, right?

Come 2020, when the GOP loses totally, utterly and completely, that is what will prevail. Sane Americans will at long last feel like we’ve rid ourselves of everything that’s wrong with America (which is what the Republican Party mostly is).

Mark my words, America. It’s gonna happen. Or Trump is not a pussy-grabbing porn-star-banging supplier-stiffing majority-vote-losing Mexican-Muslim-hating Charlottesville-excusing family-separating Putin puppet Russian asset Siberian candidate racist Liar-in-Chief.