Friday Poem

In a Station

once I walked through the halls of a station
someone called your name
in the streets I heard children laughing
they all sound the same

wonder, could you ever know me
know the reason why I live
is there nothing you can show me
life seems so little to give

once I climbed up the face of a mountain
and ate the wild fruit there
fell asleep until the moonlight woke me
and I could taste your hair

isn't everybody dreaming
then the voice I hear is real
out of all the idle scheming
can't we have something to feel

once upon a time leaves me empty
tomorrow never came
I could sing the sound of your laughter
still I don't know your name

must be some way to repay you
out of all the good you gave
if a rumor should delay you
love seems so little to say

by Richard Manuel
from Music From Big Pink