Yanis Varoufakis Q&A: “My despondencies have become a source of energy”

From the New Statesman:

2017_42_yanis_q_aWhat’s your earliest memory?

The first time I flew in a passenger plane. I must have been about four and I was very impressed and very scared by it.

Who are your heroes?

My childhood hero was Aris Velouchiotis, who was the leader of the partisans during the Nazi occupation, a kind of Greek Che Guevara, who was never sullied by history because he died in battle during the civil war. He was never given the opportunity to disgrace himself like many others. My adult hero is Noam Chomsky, because he combines a sterling academic contribution with a lifelong commitment to progressive causes and fighting the good fight, against what I call “the deep establishment”.

What was the last book that changed your thinking?

The Circle by Dave Eggers, which scared me a little. It reminded me how complacent I was becoming about the big tech companies.

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