Thursday Poem

The One-Piece Takeaway
Like so much that is necessary, the one-piece
takeaway is impossible. Only the half-divine,
the smooth-backswinged ones, those of the balanced
follow-through who keep their heads down,
always, almost, can do it. Yet, half-mortal, they
too can hit the golf ball out of bounds.
Their heavenly parents play no games. Why? each
shot a hole-in-one. But they watch us hackers,
curious, wondering that hardly a shot goes where we
plan – Oedipus wanting to heal the city, Odysseus
wanting to go home. They see our rare par or
rarer bird when the ball bounces off sprinkler head
towards the pin, and wonder why it is all so
hard for us, wonder at our strange joy.

by Nils Peterson
from Aethlon