If America And The West Got The Hell Out Of The Middle East, There’d Be No Terrorism. It’s That Simple.

by Evert Cilliers aka Adam Ash

Unknown-1What to do about terrorism, now that Paris has suffered several coordinated attacks and over a hundred dead, with another hundred critically injured?

Redouble our efforts to fight ISIS?

No. How about the exact opposite?

Why not stop fighting ISIS? Why not let America and the West — the former colonial powers — get the hell out of the Middle East, and let those troglodytes fight their own battles among themselves?

Let me state the plain truth: if we got the hell out of the Middle East, the terrorists would get the hell out of our lives.

So, please, sil vous plait: let them have at one another in their horrorshow dance of damnable death without us helping anyone kill anyone else.

Let ISIS have their damn Caliphate.

Let Syria fight itself empty of people, where they cannot feed themselves because of a drought brought on by climate change anyway, with millions fleeing the country (from 22 million people, they're now down to 16.6 million, with millions in neighboring refugee camps, or on their way to Europe, or already there).

Let Saudi-Arabia clobber Yemen, and keep treating its women like shit, and keep publicly beheading people for blasphemy and witchcraft, and stone women to death for adultery, and continue being the worst state on planet Earth (naturally, we are their best friends, which probably makes us the second worst state on planet Earth).

Let the Taliban battle the corrupt leaders of Afghanistan.

Let the Iraqi Shiites continue giving their Sunnis hell, so ISIS keeps growing.

Let Israel do battle with Hezbollah and the Palestinians on their own till the day there are more Arabs than Jews in Israel, when the Israelis will finally have to give up and make a deal.

And let Iran become the major power in the Middle East, which should be the case, since they're not Arabs anyway, but a more progressive race, Persians (they once ruled the world) — whose Persian youths are very different from their ruling mullahs who'll be dead in another twenty years, and then Iran will look like a Western country, since their youth watch The Daily Show already, and they also make damn good movies there, better than Hollywood.

Let the crazy fundamentalist zealots in the Middle East sort it out among themselves, in their pre-Enlightenment morass. There is not a clash of civilizations between the East and West: there is a miscommunication of the ages: one is in the 21st century, and the other is in the 14th century, and the twain should remain twained, since they have nothing in common. The Middle East has the same problem with their religious fundamentalists that we have with ours, with the exception that their fundamentalists are in the majority, while our right-wing fundamentalist Taliban-type evangelists are thankfully in a minority, and the only mischief they can do us, is to keep a dying GOP alive (and make idiots like Ben Carson and Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee significant political figures).

We'd still be getting a lot of our oil from the Middle East if we left them alone, so what are we doing there, except creating terrorism? And if we do something about climate change and switch to renewables like sunshine and wind, we wouldn't need their oil anyway, and we'd have no reason to be there whatsoever.

Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice greatly increased terrorism in the Middle East when they invaded Iraq.

In fact, they created ISIS when Paul Bremer stupidly disbanded the Baathist Iraqi Army, whose generals have now reconstituted themselves as ISIS.

Without that invasion, Al Qaeda would be a tiny, dwindling group of terrorists today, and ISIS would never have existed.

We in America caused the greatest act of terrorism in the history of humankind, 9/11, because of the presence of our troops near Mecca, which Bin Laden took as a personal affront.

Our meddling in the Middle East created terrorism, and our continued presence there expands it and makes it worse and worse.

If we got the hell out, terrorism would have no reason to expand beyond the borders of the Middle East.

There would be no more attacks in America, or Britain, or Spain, or France, or anywhere in the West (funny how attacks in Spain stopped once they pulled out of the Middle East).

ISIS attacked Paris because France is bombing them in Syria.

It's just quid pro quo all around. Tit for tat. If we stop our tit, they will stop their tat.

Terrorism is simply the Middle East response to Western colonialism. Yes, with our armed presence over there, and advisory troops, and our bombing, and our dollar support for Israel, we are practicing old-style colonialism — meddling in the business of other countries, meddling in the business of other religions, meddling in the business of people whose color and creed are not our own.

They will continue to hit us as long as we continue to hit them.

As it is, we have killed far more of them than they have of us.

We are bigger terrorists than they are.

The invasion of Iraq, and us killing women and children there to the ghastly tune of half a million innocents stone dead, was the biggest act of terrorism ever, and an act of genocide and a war crime second only to the Nazis.

We should stop Western terrorism in the Middle East, and then their terrorism in the West would stop.

It's as simple as that.

But don't expect the leaders of the West to grasp that simple fact. Don't expect Obama or Hillary or Hollande or Angela to get that.

They think that by taking the fight to ISIS, they can defeat ISIS.

There is as much chance of that happening as an ant getting an elephant pregnant. A better strategy would be to flood the Middle East with marijuana. Or something. Anything but the chaos we create there now. Heck, if the Middle East were stoned at least once a week, they'd stop being violent. Come to think of it, if the entire world were stoned once a week, we'd have peace on earth. Unknown

Obama and Hillary and Hollande and Angela are being as stupidly dumb-ass as Bush-Cheney ever were. Get this, you moron leaders: if we stop fighting them over there, we wouldn't have to fight them here.

We should do what Ronald Reagan did. When 299 American and French soldiers were killed in Beirut in 1983 by terrorists driving truck bombs into their barracks, Reagan got the hell out. He cut and ran. He did the sensible, cowardly thing.

It's time for the West to do the cowardly, sensible thing, and flee the Middle East with our tails between our legs.

That is the only way to stop terrorism.

Stop terrorizing the Middle East, and they will stop terrorizing us.

It's that simple.