Everything Is Erotic Therefore Everything Is Exhausting

Johanna Hedva in Two Serious Ladies:

Everything Is Erotic Therefore Everything Is Exhausting is an attempt to catalog everything erotic in the world. It was composed in a participatory performance, and will never be complete. Begun in 2010, the text was originally 100 entries, handwritten one entry per page, by the artist. During performances, participants are invited to take away pages. In return, they had to offer their own entries by speaking into the ear of the artist. The artist serves as scribe and devoted keeper of the text. The following text comprises the complete encyclopedia to date, as it’s been written by the artist and participants.


The act of, the sound of, spanking.

After something exhausting.

All of your lover at once.


Ankles, when they peek out.

Ants on cake.

Any kind of slow dripping, like water from a faucet and honey from a spoon.

Anything wrapped in plastic wrap, and then unwrapping it.

The appearance of blood on something clean.

The arch of a slender foot.

The young arms of lean black men.

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