19 amazing untranslatable words

From The Telegraph:

Untrans18_3376768kWe all know about schadenfreude, but which other wonderful words does is the English language missing?

Bakku-shan (Japanese) A woman who looks beautiful – but only when viewed from behind

-Zhaghzhagh (Persian) The chattering of teeth in the cold

Backpfeifengesicht (German) A face badly in need of a fist

Schnapsidee (German) A brilliant plan one hatches while drunk

Prozvonit (Czech) To save money by calling someone's mobile phone and hanging up after one ring so they will call you back

Bilita Mpash (Bantu, in the Congo) A wonderful dream that surpasses good dreams. One that starts your day on a high and that you could properly describe as the opposite of a nightmare

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