Tuesday Poem

At One-ment
—Yom Kippur, 9/22/15

To find the means to a mend

To try a new take to forsake a mistake

To unfold the past and straighten its bend

To un-muddy a pool and make it clear

To lift the flat rock of our self and let the sun do its work

To yank the inside out and give it some air

To make a whole man of the stuff of a jerk

To morph a long fall into a hairpin turn

To lance a boil and do what’s best for us

To kindle the badly done and watch it burn

To unbury the past and make its corpse a Lazarus

To sew a split in one cloth now two

To impossibly do what the humble do

To end a grudge and make us whole again,

atonement then

by Jim Culleny

Yom Kippur