Sunday Poem

“I carve to the beat of the heart”

………………. — Barbara Hepworth

From her high window Sculpture by barbara hepworth
an arc of blue
almost Aegean
where white gulls circle
and mew against
a canvas of Cornish light.

Below an oasis of shadows
palms and mirroring pools
a garden
where sculptures grow like trees;

an ochre jacket, overalls stiff
with dust, still hang expectant
behind the greenhouse door
mallet, chisel, drill,
the paraphernalia of a mason’s art
seem only momentarily set aside.

On her bench a block of stone
white, unhewn, waits
in perpetuity for her hands
to set free the trapped planes of light.

In the silence
her heartbeat,
the punctured cry of gulls.

by Sue Hubbard
from Everything Begins with the Skin
published by Enitharmon

An article by Sue Hubbard on Hepworth will appear on Monday here
at 3QD to coincide with the Barbara Hepworth exhibition at Tate Britain:
Barbara Hepworth – Sculpture for a Modern World;
the exhibit will run until 25th Oct 2015