Reflections of New York

François Van Bastelaer in Lensculture:

Ny3New York is a wonderful place, so many times showed in pictures. I try to present the city from a different point of view. I developed a project that shows the reality as something unusual, different, sometimes almost surrealist. All these pictures are the exact reality. The use of photoshop is very low (cropping, upside-down, perhaps densifying the colors). All the pictures you see here have been existing! At one moment, on a unique place from a specific perspective, but they are a piece of reality. It's the first of my projects about reflections.

NOTE: We discovered this great work when François Van Bastelaer submitted some of these photos to the LensCulture Exposure Awards. Even though the international jury did not select the submission as an award winner, the editors of LensCulture liked the work so much, that we decided to write a feature article about it and post it to Facebook, as well. Enjoy!

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