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  1. 3 Quarks Daily: The Dictionary is not Literature
  2. Action Science Theater: How to fall and miss the ground
  3. Aeon: Cows Might Fly
  4. American Science: The Curious History of the Paleo-Diet, and its Relationship to Science & Modernity
  5. An Evolutionist's Perspective: The Woes of Capitalism: Kinship, Sociality and Economy
  6. Ars Technica: Could dark matter be hiding in plain sight in existing experiments?
  7. Babies Learning Language: Shifting our cultural understanding of replication
  8. BBC: The quest to save the Hollywood bison
  9. Beach Chair Scientist: Mother Nature vs. Santa Claus
  10. Brainwaves: Searching For The Elephant’s Genius Inside the Largest Brain on Land
  11. Charismatic Minifauna: Bats have sparkly poop
  12. Chemically Cultured: That love-hate supervisor relationship
  13. Cocktail Party Physics: Seen and Unseen: Could There Ever Be a “Cinema Without Cuts”?
  14. Comparatively Psyched: The Robin's Song
  15. Curious Meerkat: Eating Insects
  16. Eat Your Brains Out: Science and the Supernatural
  17. Ecology & Evolution: And to the victor the spoiled
  18. Ecology & Evolution: The Heat and Light of Science Communication
  19. Ecology & Evolution: The Science of Scientific Whaling
  20. Ecology & Evolution: What is(n’t) palaeontology like?
  21. Ecology & Evolution: What’s it like to study Zoology?
  22. Errant Science: Tradition, in Science
  23. Eruptions: So, You Think Yellowstone Is About to Erupt
  24. Genotopia: Hail Britannia! (Dorkins Reviews Wade)
  25. Genotopia: On city life, the history of science, and the genetics of race
  26. Grrlscientist: Influenza: How the Great War helped create the greatest pandemic ever known
  27. Hawkmoth: On Wildness
  28. Huffpost: A Few Short Rules on Being Creative
  29. Illumination: GMO Leukemia Outbreak in China
  30. Inkfish: Scientists Ask Why There Are So Many Freaking Huge Ants
  31. Leaving Plato's Cave: The Meta-lympics: a catalyst for scientific discovery
  32. Limulus: Living Fossils
  33. Napoli Unplugged: Procida: Picture Perfect
  34. Napoli Unplugged: Vesuvius at Night
  35. Nautilus: The Math Trick Behind MP3s, JPEGs, and Homer Simpson’s Face
  36. Neurobabble: Parasitic wasps vs. zombie cockroaches
  37. Neurobabble: Technology and the adolescent brain
  38. Neurobabble: What sign languages have taught us about our brains
  39. Nothing in Biology Makes Sense: When the going gets tough, mutualism gets going
  40. Pacific Standard: Your Genome Is a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland
  41. Patrick F. Clarkin, PhD: Developmental Plasticity and the “Hard-Wired” Problem
  42. Pen Sapiens: Monkey See, Monkey Yawn
  43. Peter Pearsal: A Desert Orogeny
  44. Planetizen: The Wicked Problem of Urban Biodiversity, pt 1
  45. Psychology Today: Love, Love Medulla: The Neuroscience of Beatlemania
  46. Preposterous Universe: How Quantum Field Theory Becomes “Effective”
  47. Preposterous Universe: Why the Many-Worlds Formulation of Quantum Mechanics Is Probably Correct
  48. Prophage: Modest Data Reported From Oxford Nanopore's Exciting MinION Sequencing Platform
  49. Scicurious: Addiction showcases the brain's flexibility
  50. Science Explained: Knock, Knock Who’s there?
  51. Science Sushi: Did Allergies Evolve To Save Your Life?
  52. Science Sushi: Muscles Love Oxytocin: So-Called “Hug Hormone” Important In Muscle Regeneration
  53. Sexual Selection and Life History Evolution: Aesthetics, mathematics, physics and biology
  54. Skulls in the Stars: How *do* cats land on their feet when falling, anyway?
  55. Slate: Promiscuity Is Pragmatic
  56. Space: Hazard, Risk, and the Steelhead (Oso) Landslide in Washington
  57. Space: Real Atmospheric Science in Stargate: Atlantis
  58. Starts With A Bang: 22 Messages of Hope (and Science) for Creationists
  59. Starts With A Bang: How is the Universe bigger than its age?
  60. Stuff About Space: The Strangest Star: A Neutron Star Inside a Red Giant
  61. Synthetic Daisies: Playing the Long Game of Human Biological Variation
  62. Synthetic Daisies: The game of evolution
  63. The Bleeding Edge: Butterflies
  64. The Book of Science: Photosynthesis
  65. The Conversation: Despite metamorphosis, moths hold on to memories from their days as a caterpillar
  66. The Conversation: The ancient Greek riddle that helps us understand modern disease threats
  67. The Conversation: Why cold-blooded animals don’t need to wrap up to keep warm
  68. The Last Word On Nothing: What Luis Alvarez Did
  69. The Loom: The Wisdom of (Little) Crowds
  70. The Mermaid's Tale: Are bees intelligent?
  71. The Mermaid's Tale: The visible colors and the falseness of human races as natural categories
  72. The Mermaid's Tale: Whooza good gurrrrrl? Whoozmai bayyyy-bee boy?
  73. The Neurocritic: Existential Neuroscience: a field in search of meaning
  74. The Neurocritic: When Waking Up Becomes the Nightmare: Hypnopompic Hallucinatory Pain
  75. The New Yorker: The Power of the Hoodie-Wearing C.E.O.
  76. The Philosopher's Beard: Love's Labours Lost: How Robots Will Transform Human Intimacy
  77. The Trenches of Discovery: The human machine: obsolete components
  78. Things We Don't Know: Squid Lady Parts
  79. Too Long For Twitter: New neuroscience on why we dream
  80. Tree Town Chemistry: How One Scientist Broke in to Professional Craft Brewing
  81. Unthink: Five Things Scientists Know About Romance
  82. Weekend Adventure: The Wild Inside
  83. Wired: Have We Been Interpreting Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time?
  84. Wired: What is brain death?
  85. You've Got Some Science On You: Infection: It's all a matter of perspective

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