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  1. 3:AM Magazine: Honest work: an experimental review of an experimental translation
  2. 3 Quarks Daily: Ahsan Akbar talks to K. Anis Ahmed
  3. 3 Quarks Daily: Digging Up Bones or, The Labyrinths beneath Our Feet
  4. 3 Quarks Daily: European Crime Fiction – Mini Reviews
  5. 3 Quarks Daily: Every Genuine Encounter Destroys Our Existing World: On Things
  6. 3 Quarks Daily: Ghazal, Sufism, and the Birth of a Language
  7. 3 Quarks Daily: Haiku and Landays in Science
  8. 3 Quarks Daily: Industrial Township-ness or How I learnt to be Bourgeois
  9. 3 Quarks Daily: Jake and Dinos Chapman: Come and See
  10. 3 Quarks Daily: Landings
  11. 3 Quarks Daily: Mental Illness, the Identity Thief
  12. 3 Quarks Daily: My Pakistan Television Show
  13. 3 Quarks Daily: On Reading Emerson as a Fourteen-Year-Old Girl
  14. 3 Quarks Daily: San Francisco and the Storm of Progress
  15. 3 Quarks Daily: The Short Bus
  16. 3 Quarks Daily: The Terrain of Indignities
  17. 3 Quarks Daily: Three Seconds: Poems, Cubes and the Brain
  18. Book Haven: An interview with Philip Roth
  19. Campus Diaries: An Encounter with Lady Luck
  20. Gilded Birds: Kwame Anthony Appiah
  21. Gilded Birds: Michael Rosen
  22. Guernica: Poetry as Life, Life as Poetry
  23. Industrial Revelation: The Boiling Frog
  24. Kuppuswami: Looking and Seeing
  25. Los Angeles Review of Books: How Auden Was Modified in the Guts of the Living
  26. Los Angeles Review of Books: On Mario Bellatin’s “Mishima’s Illustrated Biography”
  27. Medium: The Death of the Urdu Script
  28. Meta-Metaphoricity: Is Poetry Universal? -a gristly verse of Mir
  29. n + 1: Everywhere and Nowhere
  30. n + 1: Fear and Agression in Florida
  31. n + 1: Kunicki, Water (I)
  32. New Savanna: What's Photography About Anyhow?
  33. Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition: I am Philip Seymour Hoffman . . . Minus the Heroin
  34. Northeast Review: Mofussil Junction
  35. Open Letters Monthly: It Might Have Been
  36. Orienteringsforsok: Dreaded analogy…not so fast
  37. Paris Review: Drinking in the Golden Age
  38. St. Orberose: José Saramago: The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis
  39. Strange Violin Music: Some Things a Former Soldier of the Third Reich Told Me
  40. The Bombay Column: A Republic of Regret
  41. The GetHigh Files: A Room With a View
  42. The Mercenary Researcher: A Friend and a Feast
  43. The Millions: The Fictional Lives of High School Teachers
  44. The Nation: Breaking the Cycle of Anger
  45. The Smart Set: Under the Influence
  46. View from Elephant Hills: Trophies 101: a year of books and bookstores
  47. Vissi d'Arte: Elegy for Jon
  48. World Literature Today: World Literature Isn’t Foreign Food
  49. Writing Without Paper: Metastatic ~ A Cento (Poem)
  50. Writing Without Paper: Monday Muse Reads “Concertina”

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